About Jiggs Smokehouse

Jiggs Smokehouse was built in the early 70’s by Jiggs Botchlett as an outlet for his turkey and egg farms. Originally there was no dining area it was strictly retail whole turkey, turkey roll, and Route 66egg store. Not until 1978 when long time owner George Klaassen purchased the business from his 2nd wife’s uncle Jiggs. That is when it became the Jiggs Smokehouse that is known worldwide today. In 1978 there were only 2 menu items. Ham or turkey sandwich no condiments just butter, no mayo. Butter, no mustard. Butter, no lettuce, no tomato, no onion. JUST BUTTER. As the business increased so did the menu. George put his life longGeorge Klassen culinary skills to work and his creations were born. Jiggs Bq Sauce (sweet and spicy-- good enough to drink) Jigg’s Beef Jerky (sweet n smoky w/a bite). Next came the sandwich lover’s heaven!

George also smoked Turkeys, turkey breast, hams, & cheese. Over time the BQ saucedemand for a few product such as hams, Jerky & Brisket increased dramatically causing George to stream line his menu. He dropped the turkeys, turkey breast & smoked cheese from his lineup and focused on his specialties.

Catering was also a huge part of the growing business and as the oil and natural gas boom of the late 70’s and early 80’s flourished, so did Jigg’s popularity. If there’s 1 story there’s 100 stories, George can tell about eccentric oil & gas parties that were thrown country boy style with 6 hogs all roastin at once along with plenty of Sauce for the participants of the shindigs.

After 23 years of makin' friends and makin good food for good people George hung up his apron & became a full time retiree. He’s still a food connoisseur and BSLynne's family specialist (public relations). You can still find George and current wife Virginia (a 14 year retiree of Jiggs herself) dining in Jigg’s a couple days a week on the payin' side of the counter, where They’ve earned their right to be.

In the year 2000 George's youngest son Lynn and his wife Becky bought the business. Lynn and Becky along with their three children Ashley, Carson and Rachel and their adopted work family continue to keep the History & Tradition of Jiggs Smokehouse alive. The business continues to grow as each generation of customers and friends continue to share their secret lil Bq Shack, that lil' ole hole in the wall.